SEO Training Udaipur

SEO Training Udaipur

How Search Engine Works?
Yahoo, Bing and Google are the topmost search engines you will probably work with in India. If you want marketing at an International level Baidu, Excite and other search engines are available. You will mainly learn how Google Extract information from their index in order to provide you more relevant results.

Link Building Techniques
Links are not everything in SEO. Search engines can not only analyze the popularity of the website. It’s mainly based on the number of pages linking to them. Link Building is the height of several skills. You have to be very creative in sales, content writing old type marketing, if you want to link people to your site.

Keyword Research & Analysis
Keyword Research is an important part in SEO. It mainly focuses on how to choose the most relevant keyword for your content, services or product. Keywords are the important infrastructure for online marketing efforts.

SEO Tools
Google Analytic, Google Console, Keyword Planner, Alexa, Moz Tools and more…

Website Performance
It is the main task of an SEO to check the performance of your Website time to time. Despite loosely related to SEO, you should be interested in website speed. If you don’t It would be affecting your ranking indirectly. A Website can be checked for the performance by using Google tools like Google Analytics & Google search console.



What is Online Marketing?
Importance of Online Marketing
How Online Marketing works?
Preface to Online Marketing
Significance of SEO
Directories vs. Search Engines
Main Search Engines
Many More …


Types of websites
Websites vs Portals
Page rank
Architecture of Website
Website Designing Basics
Domain, Hosting
SWOT analysis of website
Difference between dynamic & static website
Target Segmentation
Many More …


What is SEO?
Need of SEO
Search Engines
How search engines work?
Major functions of a search engine
Web Traffic
Different types of keywords
Google trends & insights
Steps in SEO


Site Analysis
Analysis of Similar websites
Meta Tags
Creating Sitemaps
Creating Robots file
Optimize SEO Content
Canonical Implementation
Keyword Research
Keyword Density
Internal linking
Meta tags creation
Basic HTML knowledge
Google webmasters tool
Quick indexing techniques
Search Engine Submission
Online PR
Case Study of White Hat SEO
Case Study of Black Hat SEO
Case Study of Grey Hat SEO
Google Sandbox Effect
Image Optimization
Optimization of Keyword
Many More …


Page Rank
Page Rank Increment
Type of Backlinks
Quality Backlinks Increment
Link Building
Quality Link Building
Type of Link Building
Google Friendly Link Building
Articles Submission
Blog Marketing
Blog Commenting
Web 2.0 Submission
Yahoo Question Answer Participation
Directory Submission
Press Releases
Forums Posting
Social Bookmarking
Classifieds Submission
Google Maps
Business Local Listing
Many More …


CSS Basics
What are CSS Selectors?
What are CSS properties?
What are Dropdown menus?
What is Inline CSS?
What is External CSS?
What are style sheets
Many More …


Introduction Youtube
How to Create and Managing an Account
How to Get audience
Social Sharing & Comments
How to Optimize Submissions


What is Blogging
Promotion of Blogs
Submission of Blogs
Creation of Blogs (blogspot, wordpress, TypePad)
Weekly Postings on Blogs
Commenting on Blogs


Introduction Lead Generation
Landing Pages
Landing Page Creation
Leads to Sales Conversion
Lead Funnel
Quality Lead Funnel
Many More …


Introduction Online Advertisements
Online Advertisements Types
Banner Advertisements
Rich Media Advertisements
Textual Advertisements
Video Advertisements
Image Advertisements
Tracking ROI of Online Advertisements
Measuring ROI of Online Advertisements
Many More …


Google Analytics
Importance of Google Analytics
Fundamentals of Google Analytics
How to Track Landing Pages
How to Track Location
User Tracking
Tracking Conversions
Monitoring Website Performance
Monitoring Visitors Behavior
Setting up Goals and Funnels
Other Analytics Platforms
Discussion of Projects
Analysis of Projects
Execution of Projects

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